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Sunday Club Ride

The Sunday club ride is the real heart of our club. We meet at the old Boston Post Office near Prezzo's on Wide Bargate every Sunday morning for a 9 o’clock start.

You’ll always find a group of caffeine addicts at Costa for a pre-ride coffee from around 8.40. Our routes vary depending on the wind direction and preferences within the group.

Rides are typically 50 to 60 miles. We usually aim to have a tail wind on the way home

Groups are arranged on the day according to the pace, ability and wind direction with alternative choices of routes.

The fastest group will then average 18-19mph, ramping the speed up further on the way home.

The medium paced group usually ride at 16-18mph and always have a no-drop policy, with other groups matching the desired pace of their riders on the day.

All are welcome and FREE to join

Midweek Rides

Tuesday (average >19 mph)

Club 10 mile Time Trial - all welcome (See EVENTS)

Wednesday (average 16-18 mph)

6.30pm – meet at the old Post Office, Wide Bargate.

An intermediate ride with the route decided on the evening, according to wind direction 

25-30 miles in the winter but can get up to 40 miles during the summer and late nights.

Other Days

Club members usually arrange rides to suit individuals work schedules and are posted out on the WhatsApp group. Social rides are posted on the EVENTS page.


Club Rides FAQs

The basics:

  • The Club Run leaves every Sunday at 9:00am from Boston Post Office, Wide Bargate for about 50 - 60 miles and back to Boston usually between 12.30 and 1:00pm.

  • There is at least one steady group which aims to be at the pace of the slowest rider. This will vary depending on required pace but would usually be around 15 mph.

  • A faster group will ride a slightly longer route usually at a >19 mph pace.

  • The regular Sunday Club Run is not a family orientated ride, strong teenage riders are welcome with signed parental consent (please contact us in advance if riding for further details)

What we will do for you:

  • Plan a route of around 50 miles.

  • Where possible assist and support you on the road

  • We endeavour to ensure you are never left out on your own.

  • Hopefully offer you an enjoyable social ride with like minded people providing a relaxed introduction to group riding.

What we expect of the riders:

  • Be comfortable riding 40 to 50 miles at 15mph+ with at least one break about halfway.

  • Arrive on a road worthy cycle capable of 50 miles in a morning.

  • Ride sensibly, no more than two-abreast singling out where appropriate to allow traffic to pass. NO UNDERTAKING.

  • Route changes/deviations during the ride should be communicated along the riders as they are approached eg potholes, turns and stops.

  • Take responsibility for your own welfare. We are not in a position to get you home if you have a major mechanical. We would expect people to assist you where possible but we have no “broom wagon” on call.

  • It is strongly advised that you wear a helmet on a club ride.

  • Bring necessary on-road tools and spares i.e. tube, levers, pump etc. It is not fair to expect other riders to provide these for you (there will be practical help on offer if you are unlucky enough to puncture).

  • Bring some food/drink. It is worth having a snack with you in case you run low on energy and a drink is always wise.

  • Speak up if you are in difficulty. This will give the ride leader an opportunity to slow the group if necessary.

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