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You are welcome to take part in a few club rides before deciding to join us. Sunday Club Runs are divided into levels of ability, when possible. Other club rides are available - see training tab

Members of Boston Wheelers Cyling Club are able to purchase a range of cycling and casual clothing, including short sleeve jerseys and bib-shorts in club colours. Although members can wear any jersey/shorts on club rides, everyone is encouraged to wear club colours on the Sunday Club Runs, where weather conditions permit. Some racing rules insist on club colours being worn when competing.

We recommend for club members to have their own insurance from either British Cycling or Cycling Touring Club, though this is only optional. It is strongly recommended that all members wear helmets at all times when riding.

All members are expected to behave in a responsible manner whilst engaged in club activities.

Any rider under the age of 18 is required to fill in a parental consent form. Please download our membership form and the parental consent form.


Thank you for your enquiry about membership of Boston Wheelers Cyling Club.

Senior Membership: £10

12 months of membership to Boston Wheelers Cycling Club.

Under 18yrs Membership: £5

12 months of membership to Boston Wheelers Cycling Club.

Second Claim Membership: £5

12 months of second claim membership to Boston Wheelers Cycling Club.

Or you can pay via the British Cycling website here: -

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